micah mouse with marble

hat Readers Are Saying About Micah Mouse

“This book is both funny and touching. As I read it, I'm reminded of sitting on my mother's lap, and I can hear her voice bringing Micah's wonderful adventure to life.”

– Ken Garth, Cleveland, OH

“A sweet story, beautifully told… At once old-fashioned and very new, Laura Cleveland Turner's Micah Mouse is an undiscovered classic. From its delicately rendered drawings to the soft music of its verse, this book is a treasure, an heirloom destined to be read aloud, to our children and someday to theirs.”

– Bill Marsilii, Studio City, CA

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“I loved Micah Mouse. Micah is adorable. And I loved the glossary at the end. Some of the definitions were just so funny!  Overall it was a great story, terrific for all ages.”

– Caroline, age 10, Albuquerque, NM



“Micah Mouse is a delight!  From the illustrations to the plot, it engages readers of all ages as they journey with Micah in search of a new home. The use of rhyme and a challenging vocabulary are just what children need to stimulate their imagination and provoke their thoughts. The emotions that Micah goes through are easily relatable to us all. I love how the words and illustrations, the new places and friends bring not only Micah, but also us, readers, to a happily ever after with a reminder that past love is never lost. What an excellent read!”

– Robin Pease, Artistic Director of Kulture Kids, Cleveland Heights, OH